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Timmy Is up to his old tricks again

Watch this Space

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Opps Timmys gone and done it again….part 2

A long time ago in an Internet cafe far far way lived the wizard of internetshire, or so he thought. After his last arrse whooping you would have thought Timpkins would have learnt his lesson not play games trying to stir up trouble on other web pages just to get attention, but oh no, not poor Dimmy whimmy. He wanted vengeance on those dam arrse bandits and wanted it bad.


Just to refresh those new to Timmy and his Internet world of buffoonery. Timmy likes to think he is the Alan Sugar of the Internet and the brain child on all things Internetshire and just about everything invented.  Even Stephen Hawkins is “well gell” of Timmy!  385448_388451504555743_341586953_n


Timmy had a privilaged upbringing but cast the shackles of wealth to live his life “in his dreams” like those  80s TV maverick crime fighters of wrong doing, only Dimmy lives in a stinking camper van, hanging around young teenagers, convincing them he is a top semi pro snow board instructor and champion of the Internet.

So where did it all go so wrong for dimmy. Well for starters his career in the Armed Forces as a Medic  was not what he had hoped for . He wanted to be a Para but could not make the grade.  After all, that would require hard work and commitment and he soon found himself on the Jack Waggon after failing P Coy at a very early stage. From then on he became very bitter and twisted and went on a lone crusade to expose anyone who wore a Maroon beret a tad out of shape or anyone who for that matter that he took a dislike too.


Timmy wanted to be number one at something so tried his hand at the title belt and took on the might of ARRSE in an attempt to,in his words “take walt hunting to another level” .

Timmy saw it as David and Goliath. Everyone else more like Pee Wee Herman V Mike Tyson.

Round One

Timmy goes on an ARRSE rampage in a vain attempt to get people joining his merry band of hardman  Internet sprites only to have the wind knocked out his sales after his own Admin mates decide its high time to dump poor Timmy after they discover his Walting ways when a text chat appears of his daring times jumping into war zones and all that.

Then came the self award claim to have been Airborne by submitting his own made up career in the Pathfinder Platoon on the offical Para data. This was checked via Duxford and Timmys IP address next to the data entry was flagged up. Even hints of suggestion on his own photo book. Timmy will cry this is all photoshoped.


Once exposed by his own group Timmy went off on one and sulked for a while.  The piss was ripped and much merry meant was had at Timmy expense. Much to Timmys annoyance. Read the full defeating blow by blow humiliating account here.  https://exposethewaltermittyhuntertrolls.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/more-troll-evidence/l

Round Two

Timmy not to be put off  with such an Internet good hiding,  licked his fragile ego and decided to go it alone. By alone he did have Internet admin which comprised of Timmy, Timo, Deamon Hunter and Yes Tim again, in fact all were Timmy and is alter egos.

Timmy wanted revenge and wanted it bad and could not help trying to have a dig at anyone who did not toe the Timmy line.


Timmy in his pursuit for Internet fame, adulation and making an easy buck started making up fake Walt profiles in order for him to expose such profiles  and present them as genuine Walter mittys on his Facebook page so people would click onto is pay per click web page and gain more members.



There was the few  reported suspects where Wadey boy would just post up a picture up sent in by a member. Wade in a desprate bid to out do what he calls “rival pages”,  would always post the suspects picture up without any checks made and with the heading ” we are not saying he is a Walt but…” Hoping for someone to validate the walting.  Nine times out of ten someone would come forward and claim the suspect as genuine and Timmy would then go out his way to find some fault in the vain hope he could justify posting up the picture in the first place, even to the point of making a claim his suspects.


To Wade it was a competition and very silly and this would only lead to his second Arrse Whooping and follow up piss taking.

Wades attention was soon attracted to copying yet another hunter group, that of Hunting Sex Offenders of under aged kids. After Wade watched news reports and You tube vials Wade decided he could turn his super detective skills do the same and be better than anyone. Even thowing his teddy out of the pram when people did not agree Walts were the same as Sex Offenders. In the world of Timmy If you dont agree with him you become an instant Nonce.

This became a worrying aspect as Wade had got it so wrong on so many occasions in the past with just 16 years olds who just like dressing up shooting eachother in the woods or genuine Veterans who in Timmys opinion did not look the part so must be a Walt.

walt wade fup

Yet another sting was sent up to demonstrate just how gullible and desperate Timmy was. This came in the guise of a four eyed chef from St Omer Bks called Danny Heathermen. Danny was Timmys kind of person, for starters he was not Timmy and he was chatting to him on line saying words like “mega” and “lads” at least four times in each exchange of posts.

timmy mate

Soon Danny offered Timmy a prize Walt with even screen shots of such cumpery behaviour the grand master of Cumpering Tony Cumper, would have been violently sick in his own mouth.

You could not make it up and Timmy sucked it all up like a £ 5 quicky from a back street hooker down on her luck. Without question Timmy posted the outing and even jeering at other pages with the claims “this is how to expose a real Walt. HA HA HA” and so on and so forth.


Next an even better sting were Danny had Timmy fooled he had gone behind enemy lines and infiltrated his old Walt hunting gang offering help as a member of APC Glasgow who wanted to expose Walts for them.

Much hilarity was had as wade plotted with Danny to steel Walt from under their nose and expose the members. For some reason Timmy had a fixation and unhealthy one with an ARRSE member but we will let the screen shots do the talking.  We will add it was spiffing to watch.


Danny made his E & E back to camp Timwhaa with his “stolen walt”  Timmy could not wait, again checked nothing and posted up a full outing even inventing claims himself to beef up the outing.  Again as you can see from the screen shots Timmy could not contain himself and many a whoop whoop from camp Timwhaa was had.

Timmy was very happy  over his victory so he gave his new best chum a field promotion to Page Admin content poster, after Danny said he wanted to help fight the good fight and expose Airsfofters, nonces and fat people.

happy wade

Time to rap this up.

Then one quite night, Double agent Danny made his way into internetshire and…..pissed all over Timmys page and in his dirty mouth.


Much sulks were to follow.



The Moral of the story is. If wade can not properly investigate walter Cumpers without getting it so wrong.  Accuse real vets of being walts and in some cases being sex offenders  just because the way they look or even fabricate to beef up a so called outing then what chance does an innocent individual have who is wrongly or for more sinister reason is accused of somthing much more serious.


Food for thought!

Oh and yes…we are all laughing at you Timmy….. Again!guy-laughing-at-you-thumb1094641

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NoBody loves me


Lost again. Control freaks just cannot keep a lid on it and always expose their true self in the end.

More to come……………………

Like the Britney Spears Song poor Dimmy has gone and done it again.
“Most organisations have a serial bully. It never ceases to amaze me how one person’s divisive, disordered, dysfunctional behaviour can permeate the entire organisation like a cancer and Facebook is one such place for internet bullys to thrive!
Every control freak and Internet hardman likes to claim the successes of others as their own and the Greedy wizard of internetshire is no exception
If there’s any definition of karma that makes sense then it is that the more you force the world around you into a particular path then the more difficult it becomes to shift from the path that you’ve set out for yourself. That’s certainly more believable than any idea of divine retribution or cosmic inevitability.
Bullet points of a Bully. Dimmy are you reading this?
  • is a convincing,practised liarand when called to account, will make up anything spontaneously to fit their needs at that moment
  • has a Jekyll and Hyde nature– is vile, vicious and vindictive in private, but innocent and charming in front of witnesses; no-one can (or wants to) believe this individual has a vindictive nature – only the current target of the serial bully’s aggression sees both sides; whilst the Jekyll side is described as “charming” and convincing enough to deceive personnel, management and a tribunal, the Hyde side is frequently described as “evil”; Hyde is the real person, Jekyll is an act
  • excels at deceptionand should never be underestimated in their capacity to deceive
  • uses excessive charmand is always plausible and convincing when peers, superiors or others are present (charm can be used to deceive as well as to cover for lack of empathy)
  • is glib, shallow and superficialwith plenty of fine words and lots of form – but there’s no substance
  • is possessed of an exceptional verbal facilityand will outmanoeuvre most people in verbal interaction, especially at times of conflict
  • is often described as smooth, slippery, slimy, ingratiating, fawning, toadying, obsequious, sycophantic
  • relies on mimicry, repetition and regurgitationto convince others that he or she is both a “normal” human being and a tough dynamic manager, as in extolling the virtues of the latest management fads and pouring forth the accompanying jargon
  • is unusually skilled in being able to anticipate what people want to hearand then saying it plausibly
  • cannot be trusted or relied upon
  • fails to fulfil commitments
  • is emotionally retarded with an arrested level of emotional development; whilst language and intellect may appear to be that of an adult, the bully displays the emotional age of a five-year-old
  • is emotionally immature and emotionally untrustworthy
  • exhibits unusual and inappropriate attitudes to sexual matters, sexual behaviour and bodily functions; underneath the charming exterior there are often suspicions or hints of sex discrimination and sexual harassment, perhaps also sexual dysfunction, sexual inadequacy, sexual perversion, sexual violence or sexual abuse
  • in a relationship, is incapable of initiating or sustaining intimacy
  • holds deep prejudices(eg against the opposite gender, people of a different sexual orientation, other cultures and religious beliefs, foreigners, etc – prejudiced people are unvaryingly unimaginative) but goes to great lengths to keep this prejudicial aspect of their personality secret
  • is self-opinionated and displays arrogance, audacity, a superior sense of entitlement and sense of invulnerability and untouchability
  • has a deep-seated contempt of clientsin contrast to his or her professed compassion
  • is a control freak and has a compulsive need to control everyone and everything you say, do, think and believe; for example, will launch an immediate personal attack attempting to restrict what you are permitted to say if you start talking knowledgeably about psychopathic personality or antisocial personality disorder in their presence – but aggressively maintains the right to talk (usually unknowledgeably) about anything they choose; serial bullies despise anyone who enables others to see through their deception and their mask of sanity
  • displays a compulsive need to criticise whilst simultaneously refusing to value, praise and acknowledge others, their achievements, or their existence
  • shows a lack of joined-up thinkingwith conversation that doesn’t flow and arguments that don’t hold water
  • flits from topic to topicso that you come away feeling you’ve never had a proper conversation
  • refuses to be specific and never gives a straight answer
  • is evasive and has a Houdini-like ability to escape accountability
  • undermines and destroysanyone who the bully perceives to be an adversary, a potential threat, or who can see through the bully’s mask
  • is adept at creating conflict between those who would otherwise collate incriminating information about them
  • is quick to discredit and neutraliseanyone who can talk knowledgeably about antisocial or sociopathic behaviors
  • may pursue a vindictive vendettaagainst anyone who dares to held them accountable, perhaps using others’ resources and contemptuous of the damage caused to other people and organisations in pursuance of the vendetta
  • is also quick to belittle, undermine, denigrate and discreditanyone who calls, attempts to call, or might call the bully to account
  • gains gratification from denying people what they are entitled to
  • is highly manipulative, especially of people’s perceptions and emotions (eg guilt)
  • poisons peoples’ mindsby manipulating their perceptions
  • when called upon to share or address the needs and concerns of others, responds with impatience, irritability and aggression
  • is arrogant, haughty, high-handed, and a know-all
  • often has an overwhelming, unhealthy and narcissistic attention-seeking need to portray themselves as a wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate person, in contrast to their behaviour and treatment of others; the bully sees nothing wrong with their behavior and chooses to remain oblivious to the discrepancy between how they like to be seen and how they are seen by others
  • is spiritually deadalthough may loudly profess some religious belief or affiliation
  • is mean-spirited, officious, and often unbelievably petty
  • is mean, stingy, and financially untrustworthy
  • is greedy, selfish, a parasite and an emotional vampire
  • is always a taker and never a giver
  • is convinced of their superiority and has an overbearing belief in their qualities of leadershipbut cannot distinguish between leadership (maturity, decisiveness, assertiveness, co-operation, trust, integrity) and bullying (immaturity, impulsiveness, aggression, manipulation, distrust, deceitfulness)
  • often fraudulently claimsqualifications, experience, titles, entitlements or affiliations which are ambiguous, misleading, or bogus
  • often misses the semantic meaning of language, misinterprets what is said, sometimes wrongly thinking that comments of a satirical, ironic or general negative nature apply to him or herself
  • knows the words but not the song
  • is constantly imposing on others a false realitymade up of distortion and fabrication
  • sometimes displays a seemingly limitless demonic energy especially when engaged in attention-seeking activities or evasion of accountability and is often a committeeaholic or apparent workaholic


The serial bully appears to lack insight into his or her behaviour and seems to be oblivious to the crassness and inappropriateness thereof; however, it is more likely that the bully knows what they are doing but elects to switch off the moral and ethical considerations by which normal people are bound. If the bully knows what they are doing, they are responsible for their behaviour and thus liable for its consequences to other people. If the bully doesn’t know what they are doing, they should be suspended from duty on the grounds of diminished responsibility and the provisions of the Mental Health Act should apply.

Control freaks obviously put all their efforts into controlling the world around them, In Dimmys Case, Facebook!
Then along comes an opportunity that tempts the control freak – more money, more “Google power” or more prestige.
Control freaks manipulate their past like nobody else does ex Para or ex Pathfinder being the norm – unashamedly. A good control freak doesn’t lie outright though, they just talk up their past a bit. In the usual subtle manner where they don’t quite say what it is that they did but make it sound very important.
Below are screen shots kindly provided by and ex member of Dimmys gang who has since left in disgust at Dimmys ranting bully boy, trolling antics. Even people complaining about a sick FB page are not exempt
Here planning to discredit another facebook member for kicks
. Image
Then the drunken rant insulting people on his bullying platform
How the Greedy wizard of internetshire gets his kicks from insulting mothers over sick baby jokes. Big Man!
More to follow from the Bullying control freak troll
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Reverse,Inverse Psychology, (Criss-Cross)

Further to this never ending story of hilarity. The self styled judges of Internetshire, have pieced together more evidence as to the true identity of the mysterious Fooboy and, like a bent cop trying to pin his unsolved cases onto one lag, are now hilariously fitting more square pegs into round holes in order to rev up the outrage bus and firm up their mastery of investigations to the massess…….Ticket please!

If you look very closely you can see the cracks starting to appear in their investigation skills. “reverse psychology”

The Walt hunters of Internetshire should have done their homework first when it comes to psychology and Identity theft. Or is our Stealthmister Christ Panhandle, ex spy for hire, now just convincing himself and his fellow Walt hunters that it all firms up?


What Constitutes Identity Theft?
Identity theft is the theft of an individual’s details and their subsequence use in order to obtain money or goods by means of deception. An identity thief is an individual who will attempt to pass themselves off as you in the eyes of banking institutions or with companies who can provide money lending facilities or Hire Purchase. Umm what was the aim of this merry jape?

The profile of Danny Slater mysteriously appeared on 49 para page with the message, Check your PMs” to another of the WMH outspoken dissenters.
Only parts of the profile were visible. I E. Address. Name, name of an IT company and some military background (the only true part). What was not displayed was the real company details with real phone numbers to that company.

The Walter Mitty hunt filled all those blanks their self. Had they had the courage to call the numbers they had openly displayed on their sub standard bullying web page, they would have realised their mistake and not made such planks of themselves in public. Which leads us on to the next topic of Panhandles rant

Reverse psychology

1. Know who it works on. Some people just don’t respond to reverse psychology, normally intelligent people but we are talking about the internetshire here. The people who do are mostly the ones who hate being told what to do. Trolls are a classic example! They care more about the power struggle itself than what the struggle is about. Rebellious children are classic examples. Basically, anyone with a sensitive ego that clouds their judgement is susceptible.

Lets brake this part down.
We all know the WMH were desperate to ID FooBoy. He is their nemesis. The ego of the Wizard of internetshire and his sub standard Internet wizard skills had been mocked for months as with the super spy skills of Christ Panhandle. AKA Stealth!
They were chomping at the bit and as the follow up posts to their jubilant chanting can be seen. They took a big old chomp of this fish!

As we have already covered. One of their loyal followers while serving G&T and  bag of salted nuts to seat 10E, was known to be watching all profiles and posts associated with 49 para and the http://www.facebook.com/pages/IBA-Defense-Supporters-Christmas-Pantomime/264198703615501 in order to report to his masters.It was very easy and just after one random post, they bit like a gooden!

Which takes us nicely to point 2.

2. Wait until they get worked up. It’s much easier to use reverse psychology when someone is emotional, since you want to trigger an immediate reaction. The more you argue back and forth, the more of a power struggle it becomes, and the more the other person will want to “win

They wanted their prize and wanted it badly and acted as predicted.

To the wizard of Internetshire and all his little imps, a few questions of coincidence to ponder.

1. Why the random post out of the blue on a page you started to screen shot and post on your “secret” FB page.

2. Why was only part of the profile hidden from view. Like mutual?

3. Why after notification was received that more detail was hidden from view?

4. Why not just call the number you linked with the company to verify if a Dan Slater existed before openly and wrongly displaying it as fact on your sub standard bully page?

5. Why only a very small protest, then silence for a few hours?… Well I can answer that one.

It was reverse, Inverse psychology!  By now the wizard of Internetshire in his ego driven frenzy has dispatched links of his “victory” everywhere! But ask yourself this. If Fooboy the swordsman of Internetshire was using only reverse psychology in order to get the “outing” and his personal details taken down. Why was it published here in its entirety on POST 53 of ARRSE?


Yes We are laughing at you……again!


Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 11 hours, 32 minutes ago #216

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Good work guys.Now for “a change” I’m going to use my substandard IT skills to very quickly put his name and address on many other websites in the same manner he did with my personal details alongside some very fabricated allegations.See how he likes his name “at the top of Google”?

I bet he doesn’t, and will soon be crying when his private IT clients are searching Google for his name, location, and business name.

What goes around usually comes back a lot harder!

All my best,

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 11 hours, 19 minutes ago #217

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Amazing how when blown Fooboy uses reverse psychology to paddle hard out of it and try to shift the focus back to us, so by doing this then he has openly admitted Identity Theft and potentially caused harm to an innocent person, pretty smart I would say
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Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 10 hours, 20 minutes ago #218

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Death threats alone carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years if convicted…

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 10 hours, 20 minutes ago #219

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I’m currently in Stockport. Want me to have a quick word?

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 10 hours, 10 minutes ago #220

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It is now confirmed that Slater is responsible for the DoS attacks, Hacking, IP Scanner attacks and other IT issues his IP is linked to all these attacks and is logged against each issue his IP comes from Virgin who will be contacted tonight. Thank u for all the support and messages.
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The tale of the very Small fish with eyes far to big for its little belly.

It just does not get better than this.
The sheriff and his merry men of Internetshire, desperate to uncover members of ARRSE fell for the oldest trick in the book. To think one claims to be an ex spook. PMSL
Over the weekend it became clear the Internet stalkers of the WMH or Walter Mitty Hunt. com, were at it again. Not content with bullying a 90 year old Arnham vet becuse he got a date wrong, sad individuals with mental health problems or inocent kids who play COD on the XBOX 360. WMH decided it was high time to expose their nemesis, ARRSE and the main target that cunning little git of tomfoolery, FOOBOY. First lets consult the “Urban Dictionary” as to what is a Fooboy.
An exceptionally cheap person; someone who is never around when the cheque is ready to be payed.
“That woman is so FooBoy. She’s been all FooBoy all her life. Someone needs to slap that hoe back to last week, she so cheap.”
(noun) God-like.
“Damn, that Buddha guy was so FooBoy.”
Now we got that out of the way, the fun part.
After “YET” another mole in their secret group. Its getting smaller all the time with more leaks then Wales as more members wake up to the fact the Greedy Wizard of Internetshire is the root of the problem. Screen shots were provided of the merry jesters of Internetshire stalking antics of Facebook profiles of suspected ARRSE members, with plans to expose them on their bullying down market web page.
It was decided a cunning plan was needed to be put in place. So a testy morsel of intelligence was put before them in the facebook profile of “Danny Slater” With all sorts of leads to fooboys location, a picture and home address. Even a kind link to his Arrse. By god they took the bait and scoffed the lot.
Had they been the super ninja Walt hunters of Internetshire, that they claim to be. They would have twigged that the profile picture was non other than that well known Walter Mitty and PTSD Worldwide charity charlatan Alec Webster. Outed by ARRSE a few years back http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Alec_Webster
Without fool proofing the evidence, the Twolley Dwolly who had the simple task of monitoring posts on 49 Para’s Facebook page saw a post by Danny. “Oh my god I have him and there is a link to Fooboys ARRSE page and other stuff about an IT company in Stockport”. Gold!!!
Talk about laying the table for the feeder!
With this they went off to the their “secret” hide, skipping and plotting their next move while rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of their big prize.
Enjoy the car crash and let the mocking begin!
Fooboy- The BIG man of ARRSEThis person has continually and vigorously tried to destroy the work of the WMHC site and the work it does on behalf of vets and their family.THE FACTS

His efforts and those of ARRSE include

Death threats and threats to assault



Malicious Communications

Photoshopping and manipulating internet military related information to give the impression that members of the WMHC are fakes

Having published photos on the internet of members families he went on to make very nasty comments on those family members

Posting photos on the internet of the members and their families so putting them at risk.

Contacting media outlets in an effort to discredit us in public and jeopardise our publicity links to help Vets

Setting up websites (3) to discredit our work and which contain harassment and vile pictures and comments

Attempted to ruin the career of one of our members by contacting his place of work and making false allegations

Stating that its members were hoped to be found in a car accident burnt to death on Christmas Day

Systematically and methodically instigated and took part in a campaign by all available means on the internet to inflict disgusting abuse, harassment and distress on the WHMC members and their families.

The list goes on and on and is still continuing each day. Fooboy operated under what he perceived to be a cloak of security and secrecy and has disregarded the warnings that the Police will become involved if his criminal activities do not stop, so far he has chose to ignore this, in fact he makes small talk of this not believing the potential for Police involvement. He does so at his own risk.
Eventually things reached a level where the protection of the members and their families needed to be balanced against the criminal activities of Fooboy and as always people like Fooboy believe they are untouchable, however with these people there is always a weakness in their efforts and this was discovered as he had placed his details in the “Public Domain” and so were free for people to see without stooping to his level and despite his efforts to appear innocent and not involved his identity has been uncovered and as stated is in the public domain as are his aliases of which there are many.
He now claims to be the hurt one in all of this now and that is in light of everything that he has done himself to us and we have not responded to such a like level but absorbed this like a professional organisation would do in the circumstances. What is not understood is why after committing all these offences against the WHMC is now complaining that we are exposing him.

How was he found ?

In finding this person no unethical or illegal methods were used at all like I say he put himself and all his details clearly in the public arena so it came down to inter profiling and general hard work.
What proved to be his downfall was that on his Facebook profile he had a direct members hypertext link which when clicked on took the reader direct to his ARRSE profile under the name of Fooboy. This together with messages to a well know ARRSE antagonist and his location sealed his fate initially. The location used in his threats to us was seen as Manchester and on that profile was shown Stockport. It was at this point that a “leak” on the WMHC began directly asking for information on Fooboy in quite an aggressive way and disputed the little evidence we had collated for the Police a while before, he demanded the “Evidence Trail” and the leak responded by saying he did not believe anything we had about Fooboy, which incidentally was hardly anything at this stage anyway this was refused and so within minutes Fooboy was posting on ARRSE that people should check their pm’s as it was “About to Kick off “ clearly the grass had gone straight back to Fooboy and informed him of what little information he had obtained. The grass was banned immediately and named. Fooboy was never listed under his real name on any linked friends list but his own stupidity and carelessness gave him away. He is good but not that good. No doubt he will refute the allegations that this is him but I have other evidence which at this time is not going to be divulged.
Fooboy claims he is a techie and has a very high opinion of himself in all respects and is a womaniser according to his profile.


Name – Dan Slater

Address – 85. Castle Street Stockport SK3 9AR

Tel – 0161 477 8988

Mobile – 07890 182 319


www.facebook.com/dan.slater.5458Business – Sole Trader in IT

Website – www.digitalpc.uk.com/page11.php

E Mail Address – info@digitalpc.uk.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Amazingly he is an ex serviceman with 11 years service in the Royal Signals. Single status and is a one man band IT self employed person
All this information is public and easily obtainable for anyone to access so not private info in any way at all as is the case you just need to know where to look.
In writing this project we have only responded to a criminal and have only wanted to get on with our business of protecting our vets but we reached a stage whereby Fooboy was becoming an unacceptable problem and threat to the security and well being of everyone involved in the work of the WMHC and take no pleasure in doing this at all.
We will continue to serve our vets in the way we have always promised despite the actions of others.

Moral of the story!
 lordy lordy Epic big fail again guys. Yes we are laughing at you!
Stop stalking people and stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole!
The WMH investigates
The WMH in court

After the trolls posted their “outing evidence” it was felt a little time was needed before fully letting onto them they had been stung, yet again!
 As you will see from the WMH trolls follow up posts or rather jubilant jeering. They start to go down a strange path of putting together yet more broken links and pictures about our fooboy and his true identity. How they come to this beats me, but its funny reading!

On a serious note.  From all their ramblings about their other “scalps”. A few questions start to spring!
Is this the true extent of their investigative skills? How many others have they have paraded on their “Anti Walt Web site, turned out to be innocent? Have these self styled “Walt Hunters” got it wrong with others?
Their is a pattern forming here where several people have proved the WMHC trolls wrong only to be ignored.

Their jubilant jeering
Why is Fooboy so set about damaging the good work we are doing for vets? Is it because he is a disgruntled ex soldier who hates the army or could he very well be a Walt? One of his buddies screams in public and down everyones throat about being current serving when in actual fact they were discharged in 2008… do we need to expose that person also Fooboy as being in your ‘school bully’ gang or have you had enough?….let’s hope you’ve had enough eh, so we can all get on with exposing walts and supporting our vets.
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Of course Fooboy is now in a no win situation brought on by himself as he will deny this is him so makes him responsible for a case of identity theft by his own admission
The following user(s) said Thank You: ScottishMart

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 12 hours, 50 minutes ago #205

Aaaah, I see, so either way Fooboy really isn’t in a good situation at all to be in and especially neither his associates…. identity theft in order to carry out criminal activities is rather naughty. If I was his mate… I’d be very fast to distance myself from him rapidly. Very sad it’s come to this but at the end of the day, our aim is to expose walts and support our veterans; not to expose Fooboy or his mates… however… it’s Fooboy’s own choice if that happens. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest eh?

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 7 hours, 49 minutes ago #206

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As a follow on it seems Mr Slater has managed to really upset Special Forces by calling them liars in terms of a certain event not the best idea in the world and certainly he shouldnt have said the things he has done without firstly engaging his brain and secondly exercising due diligence. Having said that he is an adult so accountable for his own actions albeit very unwise in this case.

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 6 hours, 17 minutes ago #210

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About 6 weeks ago this person Slater was outed for posing as a Para even tho he was no more than a signals guy so why not be happy with that ? What is more disturbing is that he used the stock photo of Capt Dave Woods 2 Para KIA Goose Green as his father and stating that it was his dad and he missed him. Capt Woods never had a son official enquires reveal and also confirmed with guys from Para Reg. This is what a complete low life he is but this evening we find out that he has set up another FB profile www.facebook.com/daniel.wolf.71619 and has put up para reg pics on this very profile, screen shots coming in on this to confirm. All the pics were used when he was outed before and he has still not learnt from his mistake. Of course Para reg sites will be notified as will other interested parties, although it is felt that he is just attempting to waste our time he WILL be outed as a para walt in due course.

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Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 6 hours, 6 minutes ago #211

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Due to his prolific attempts in all this it will be a few days before SLATER is exposed across the entire net via google and will cover his aliases , web sites and latest claims and the write up he has been give so far he WILL be further exposed by the screen shots all to be circulated in the google search engine which we will advise u of in terms of the search details to allow u to view it online.
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living in Italy without an italian passport can get you in a lot of twoble

The Joy of it

Better get on your snowboard Timmy more than 27 rossers are on the way. PMSL



New law in Italy about illegal immigrants . That illegal immigrants (Timmy) are liable to pay a fine of 10,000 euros (£8,700; $14,200) and can now be detained by the authorities for up to six months in holding centres 9no internet for Timmy) before being kicked out of the country.
In addition, people who knowingly house undocumented migrants can now face up to three years in prison. The new law also permits the formation of unarmed citizen patrol groups to help police keep order. There may be as many as 600,000 illegal immigrants in Italy (One we know off) ; they don’t exactly announce their presence (unlike Timmy from Internetshire). Many live unnoticed, unremarkable lives. But under the new legislation, Italians must turn them over to the authorities if they try to register their children for school, or look for medical treatment.
Italy issues very few visas to people who are already living in the country, and demand for work permits from potential immigrants greatly outstrips supply. It quickly becomes a Catch-22 situation – illegal immigrants who have no visa are unable to get a job; those without a job are unable to get a visa.
As a result, both illegal and legal migrants have become an increasingly obvious presence on the streets of Italian cities. At night, groups of men from across Africa, the Arab world and Asia roll out sleeping bags and cardboard boxes in Milan’s numerous historic piazzas. By day, they get by however they can – some by selling fake designer handbags or toys, some by stealing. Or like Timmy stalking people in the UK….So you think your safe Timmy?

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Greedy wizard of internet…

BBC One show and Greedy wizard of internetshire


Since my last post, the wizard of internetshire has been busy hitting the complain button and sending nasty posts in all directions in response to exposing him as a Walt Hunter TROLL.
It has since come to our attention the wizard of internetshire was planning on making money from his noble cause and even demanded payment from the BBC One show. Not a donation but direct payment. Greedy little Wizard. He also has a thing for an ARRSEr called Fooboy. 
Dear Fooboy,I’m afraid you and your continual trouble making side kick from the Grey Mafia (AKA dsdfdfdfdsf) couldn’t be further from the truth. The Walter Mitty Hunt website IS WELL KNOWN, but it certainly is not for sale, and never will be – it’s there for a damn fine reason which is protecting the honour our soldiers and veterans, and protecting the public from liars and deceivers.With regards your mate in the BBC media department, we need them as much as we need other freeloaders like your good self jumping on our bandwagon for their own publicity. Yes, I did, in two emails with Hannah Patnick mention “As a wholly self funded organisation, we’ll obviously like some recompense for working with you.” – hardly the “Timmy was sending loads of emails to the One Show and more or less demanding money to his bank account” that you again exaggerate about, is it?

Furthermore, from the “actual and real” conversation with the BBC, their response was:

“Also, just so you’re aware we don’t normally pay contributors (we only make 3 minute films so we have a very small budget) I’m sure we can offer something, but sadly the fee may be nominal.”

To which they got, “If it pays what I pay our for the web hosting and the domain name for the year (£135 for a year), it’s better than nothing” – hardly the big exaggerated financial scam that you are harping on about is it.

Whether the BBC or the One Show want to work with us, is also irrelevant to us, although we’d like to continue to believe they would want to! Yes, they can if they wish approach us again, but I think I speak for all of us, when I say we’re not doing it for nothing! For all we stand for and our aim and purpose, they can alternatively find someone else to use for their three minute documentary – it’s entirely up to them.

Please also let me make you aware that I am personally out of pocket, not gaining through this project at all – not to mention 2-3 months hard work, abuse, death threats, hacking on my servers – facts that obviously show some of you Arrse guys to be green with envy!

With regards your comments on us “making up” Walts and fabricating dating site profiles, could I draw your attention to the 4th WordPress anti-WMH website offering fabricated “exposing” of myself, within a week. Obviously “some” Arrse members are so obsessed with our outings (now 6 within a month), that they’ll stop at nothing to discredit the Walter Mitty Hunt. So much so, they’ve fabricated images of my details on the Para Data website even claiming to be Pathfinder Platoon. Grow up – we have Pathfinders and plenty of Para’s in the WMH – so you only serve to discredit yourself, and also unfairly the better members of the ARRSE website further.

Why you can’t drop it and leave us in peace I don’t know? That’s why some of your members are now being investigated by the RMP, MoD Police and Civilian Police for offences of harassment, threats of violence, threats to kill, and several Datacomms offences; also carrying maximum terms of 10 years!

All my best,

Tim Wade.

PS: As you think it’s fine to publicly expose lies, fabrication, exaggeration, and peoples names, addresses etc – soon so shall we if it continues

 Then the nasty Emails

You talk some shit and make up some rubbish. This is fabricated slander and an attempt to deceive people too – Walt.

And as for “massively hypocritical” in the trolling stakes, I’m glad you’ve obviously wasting a great chuck of your sad pillock life in doing it.


You talk some shit and make up some rubbish. This is fabricated slander and an attempt to deceive people too – Walt.And as for “massively hypocritical” in the trolling stakes, I’m glad you’ve obviously wasting a great chuck of your sad pillock life in doing it.Mong!



This is Tim Wade. You are just a very jealous pillock, as unlike you, we’re doing something constructive in outing Walts and changing government and public opinion on Walting.

Get a life – this is fabricated slander in it’s entirety and just makes you look a hypocritical pillock again, as it is only you that is “trolling”.

You have been reported “now again” for stealing and using images without my consent, and for slander in the ongoing Civil/MoD/RMP investigation into the other very jealous ARRSE members.

I will also respond publicly!

You are nothing but a jealous, hypocritical, trolling muppet yourself.

If you seek to slander me, at least do it with real facts, and not fabricated lies!


Ohhh I could crush a grape

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The Amoral Trol


The Amoral Trol

Internet racism is nothing new. At one time, many internet users subscribed to the notion that faceless interaction would lead to a decline in racism. It was said that on the internet everybody is equal. Since we can’t see each other’s faces, the only way we can judge others is by the content of their character.



What is ironic with the Trolls of the Walter Mitty Hunt community is forgetting to delete his their own jokes and rants before accusing and posting blogs about other Facebook pages. Persons or organisations of bigotry or membership to far right racist groups.

Please note that the snap shots you are about to view are of a racist nature, They are not the views or jokes of this blog but that of the original authors. The same authors who go on to openly accuse others of such behaviour, by troll attack.

Cast your mind back to some of the Troll Symptoms on the first page of this blog

3.Amoral: They think that their insults, verbal abuse, character attacks, and even death threats are perfectly acceptable behavior, once “justified”…But if you say one bad thing you are being abusive to them and they will call the internetshire police.

6. Narcisstic: They have extreme vanity, taking the form of an exquisite sensitivity to anything which even SLIGHTLY resembles an insult…”Im telling the old bill about you


10. Hypocritical: Totally enmeshed in a self-serving bias: “when I do something, it’s a pure and justified deed, but when you do exactly the same thing, it’s a shameful and disgusting PLOY.”umm I wounder who that could be!






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More Troll Evidence


More Troll Evidence

Sadly the only way to combat constant internet trolling is to play them at their own game and take the only power they have.


What you will view next are screen shots taken of the Walter Mitty Hunt club planning several troll attacks on various FB pages, ARRSE, and individuals for no other reason then bullying the individuals and attempts to get a rise out of FB groups and ARRSE. Their aim was to get a negative response from them and once this was achieved take a screen shot of the argument and present it on their web site as if they was being attacked. Making sure they miss out their comments.

Their MO would be to create an argument by insult, lead them towards their FB page, in other words, “on their ground” Get the reaction the they want, then ban them. Then create a page claiming their target was being abusive, using “Troll word play” This practice on the face of the evidence gave one particular member of the WMHC a great deal of pleasure (more about him later)

Oh and remember, these people are supposed to be adults!



Evidance me lord


Note Tim wades comments “ALL GOOD PUBLICITY MATE”


                                                                                                                      Its nothing personal, just business




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