Why Do People Enjoy Being Internet Trolls?

it is a kind of power rush or ego trip to be a troll. Being online is a place that is largely free of perceived consequences…ie a good hard SLAP, an insecure person can get a sense of power online, without ever having to face someone directly. With the Internet being a world of imagination and fantasy for some, cowardly users can forge an alter ego for themselves, and act out their feelings of anger and inadequacy. It’s sad and unfortunate that our advanced communications also brings out the darker side of many SAD people.

Please note once the Trolls read this, they will hit the abuse button like rabbits. They hate the truth! like all Crybaby trolls do

Feel free to copy and paste these pages to as many sites as you can.


Martin was very busy being hard with himself

This web page will investigate a particular narcissistic bunch of trolls known as the Walter Mitty Hunt Community or WMHC. The club and its sex advertising web site is run by a unknown troll called Tim Wade. More about him on another page!

So who or what is a Walter Mitty or Walts as known by most. For info please click on this link from (ARRSE) The Army Rumour Service. The premier source of information for people wanting to know if someone is telling porkie pies about their military past


Taken from the ARRSE intoduction on Walts
It comes from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, written by humorist James Thurber and published in The New Yorker in 1941. See also pointy heads and flat heads. A walt is an individual who believes, or wishes others to believe, that he or she be something he be not. They are often found bidding on ‘Genuine SAS’ KFS and other items on eBay and usually act the Internet Tough Guy. Outing Walts is the official sport of ARRSE. Spoken only in hushed tones are ops by the Waltenkommando commanded by the Waltfinder General.


Diagnostic Criteria for a Walt Hunter Troll


The troll

The Internet Walt Hunter Troll Personality Disorder is characterised by attention-seeking and disruptive behaviour in anonymous, delocalized places of socialising. It is indicated by the following traits:

Internet trolls are sadly common. They can be found wherever online users interact with each other. Trolls will abuse others in news blogs, political discussion forums, hobbyist communities online, Facebook pages, torrent search engine conversations, and in online game chat. Trolls have become very common in news sites. Many online news sources now avoid using open comment features because so many internet trolls will use this venue to post abusive comments as responses to news articles.



A tendency to post from an Internet cafe (its safer for them to hide)

Multiple attempts to draw the attention of users toward them.

Trolls will post abusive and hurtful comments directed at a specific a person (aka “flaming” another person)

Trolls will incite broad arguments and provoke angry responses by making controversial statements. (e.g. racism, religious intolerance, bigoted or elitist views, mysogyny, extreme political views)

Trolls will narcissistically dominate conversations, trying to make themselves the center of attention. (e.g. nonstop comments about themselves and their accomplishments; repeated self-centered statements and bragging) i,e “I am top of the google search” Being the most common brag.

Trolls will start many off-topic threads, seeking to derail users from the focus of an online community

The ability to create ideas that flow from person to person non-stop until they have made everyone spend their time in the troll’s valuable communique and links to their web sites.

A basic command of social engineering, that the troll can trick others into fighting amongst themselves on the Internet endlessly. (i.e. crossposting to two opposing Usenet groups, tricking them into starting a flame war, then sitting back and watching the fun) and allowing others to take the flack for their actions

Low intelligence

A very low degree of social skills

Multiple screen namestrolls sometimes use different screen names to post comments. They do this as a weak attempt to appear to have support in their fight so they do not feel lonely.


Walter Mitty Hunt Club troll Symptoms:

1.Namecaller: This defines the flamer. “Flamer” means “namecaller”…

2. Competitive/argumentative: flamers are social cowards but verbal brawlers over the safty of the internet. They greatly enjoy arguments for their own sake selfworth, and will start flamewars intentionally..

3.Amoral: They think that their insults, verbal abuse, character attacks, and even death threats are perfectly acceptable behavior, once “justified”…But if you say one bad thing you are being abusive to them and they will call the internetshire police.

4. Vengeful: Walter Hunter Club trolls believe that once an insult has been received, it becomes perfectly acceptable to return the insult, or even to embark on a longrunning insult stream…

5. Deceitful: They see nothing wrong with deception and distortion as long as their not caught…

6. Narcisstic: They have extreme vanity, taking the form of an exquisite sensitivity to anything which even SLIGHTLY resembles an insult…”Im telling the old bill about you”

7. Paranoid: Troll constantly display secretive behavior, being careful to never freely discuss personal info about their schooling, experience, everyday lives…Normaly setting up secret facebook pages where they can plan their next trolling attack and act all hard and that and type PMSL at every post!!

8. No self-doubt. Perfect people never monitor themselves to avoid mistakes…Or F***king rather!

9. Self-blind: : No insight into our their flaws and foibles…Like living like a tramp and not providing for your own kids or serving A nice Gin and Tonic to seat E40 and wishing they had the bottle to join the Armed Forces, Yet strangely hang around them…Strange!!

10. Hypocritical: Totally enmeshed in a self-serving bias: “when I do something, it’s a pure and justified deed, but when you do exactly the same thing, it’s a shameful and disgusting PLOY.”umm I wounder who that could be!

11. Self-important: They have a very low opinion of others, and an exalted (if dishonest) opinion of themselves…I was a Spy me no one could play me a fool! I’m an Internet wizard!

12. Denying/projecting: They cannot see reality honestly, but must constantly manipulate it by erasing some parts and distorting others. Loads of evidance to photoshop then we will put it up as proof!

13. Pervasive, long-standing, intense symptoms


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