The Walter Mitty Hunt Club

After the huge successes of ARRSE and its waltercommandos that have hit the headlines of the national news papers over the years. Amateur Walt hunters started to pop up everywhere. FaceBook pages devoted to finding the next Walt increased, It was like the X Factor.. more like The Walt Factor! Splinter facebook groups where formed, Much to the amusement of ARRSE.


From these splinter groups Trolls would lurk waiting for their next trophy to brag about. One such group is called The Walter Mitty Hunt Community.

Their self appointed leader an unknown self appointed Internet activist decided it was time to “try” and take the top spot of Walt Hunting. So he set up the Walter Mitty Hunt Community. The Club membership contain a right mix bag of weirdo I can tell thee!!

So far the only Walts they had managed to find was one already found by another FaceBook Walt hunting group and some school boy who plays Internet games with his other mates.

Foolishly their scruffy internetshire leader decided it was nay time to try and out-Witt those cunning devils the waltercommandos of ARRSE, by planning a Troll Attack on the site.

However, little did they know that one within their WMHC ranks was reporting to the waltercommandos, the WMHC’s every move. PMSL

Soon the scruffy wizard and his gang of trolls became so frustrated with their consistent yet failing trolling attempts that they decided it was time to throw the glove at ARRSE and challenge them to a dual. The scruffy Wizard from internetshire claimed he could find out the personal details of the waltercommandos and post them for all to see. The worst thing he could say was ARRSE would never be able to find out who he or his members were. Little did he know!!

The scruffy wizard and all his chums despite knowing that most members of ARRSE are serving in the Armed Forces did not care for such laws of the land like the Terrorism Act 2000, but in even in internetshire they still exist, carrying a 10 year stretch living with big Samuel without soap on a rope!


Soon it was decided by the waltercommandos of ARRSE that a lesson must be taught to these “Pip Squeaks”. So a classic ARRSE sting was set in place.

First the feeding. Trolls need feeding and if looking for any ammunition to throw will bite the hand of any who offer such juicy morsels of information.

The scuffy wizard with all his Internet web based powers could not resist the offer of real names and locations being disclosed via PM on ARRSE from a well known ARRSE swordsman, how obvious was that!

So the big nosed wizard with yellow teeth was back reporting in his secret facebook lair and to his loyal followers of Boy wonders, has beans and failed lesbians, with great glee, pleasure and jubilation. The 10 year SNLR, thought he had hit the jack pot.

Little did the CSA dodging wizard know that all the information given was “DUFF GEN” Even when posting He did not know it, as did his followers not know and despite the current climate with terrorists desperate to obtain information of any members of the armed forces from the Internet, in order to capture, kill or maim a soldier or his family. The absconding wizard and his band of Internet minuscule hard men still posted those details.

While this was going on Screen shots were taken deep from within the “secret” lair from one of their own and was kept for prosperity, much piss-taking and if needed, evidence of an illegal act. She is a little tyke!


ARRSE member having giggles after the sting was sprung

The Wizard was furious when it became evident he was fooled not only by the masters of walt finding but by a girl within his close ranks, (Oh by the way, The sad git you thought was your “MOLE”, he was innocent all the time, but he needed a lession for trolling as well! The second seed was sowed and the Wizard and his “secret mongy mates” fell for the second sting……PMSL.


WMHC after he twigged he was stung

Dry your eyes love

So the Walter Mitty Hunt Club Trolls battered and humiliated made a run for it and re-Grouped. Licked its wounds and planned their next troll attack. After culling almost half of its membership. PMSL!!!

Read the apology from one ex member of the Walter Mitty Hunt club.





Stand by for the next instalment.


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