More Troll Evidence


More Troll Evidence

Sadly the only way to combat constant internet trolling is to play them at their own game and take the only power they have.


What you will view next are screen shots taken of the Walter Mitty Hunt club planning several troll attacks on various FB pages, ARRSE, and individuals for no other reason then bullying the individuals and attempts to get a rise out of FB groups and ARRSE. Their aim was to get a negative response from them and once this was achieved take a screen shot of the argument and present it on their web site as if they was being attacked. Making sure they miss out their comments.

Their MO would be to create an argument by insult, lead them towards their FB page, in other words, “on their ground” Get the reaction the they want, then ban them. Then create a page claiming their target was being abusive, using “Troll word play” This practice on the face of the evidence gave one particular member of the WMHC a great deal of pleasure (more about him later)

Oh and remember, these people are supposed to be adults!


Evidance me lord


Note Tim wades comments “ALL GOOD PUBLICITY MATE”


                                                                                                                      Its nothing personal, just business

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