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Reverse,Inverse Psychology, (Criss-Cross)

Further to this never ending story of hilarity. The self styled judges of Internetshire, have pieced together more evidence as to the true identity of the mysterious Fooboy and, like a bent cop trying to pin his unsolved cases onto … Continue reading

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The tale of the very Small fish with eyes far to big for its little belly.

It just does not get better than this.   The sheriff and his merry men of Internetshire, desperate to uncover members of ARRSE fell for the oldest trick in the book. To think one claims to be an ex spook. PMSL … Continue reading

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living in Italy without an italian passport can get you in a lot of twoble

The Joy of it Better get on your snowboard Timmy more than 27 rossers are on the way. PMSL     New law in Italy about illegal immigrants . That illegal immigrants (Timmy) are liable to pay a fine of 10,000 … Continue reading

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Greedy wizard of internet…

Greedy wizard of internetshire

Since my last post, the wizard of internetshire has been busy hitting the complain button and sending nasty posts in response to exposing him as a Walt Hunter TROLL.
It has since come to our attention the wizard of internetshire was planning of making money from his noble cause and even demanded payment from the One show. Not a donation but direct payment. Greedy little Wizard
Dear Fooboy,

I’m afraid you and your continual trouble making side kick from the Grey Mafia (AKA Louise Couzens) couldn’t be further from the truth. The Walter Mitty Hunt website IS WELL KNOWN, but it certainly is not for sale, and never will be – it’s there for a damn fine reason which is protecting the honour our soldiers and veterans, and protecting the public from liars and deceivers.

With regards your mate in the BBC media department, we need them as much as we need other freeloaders like your good self jumping on our bandwagon for their own publicity. Yes, I did, in two emails with Hannah Patnick mention “As a wholly self funded organisation, we’ll obviously like some recompense for working with you.” – hardly the “Timmy was sending loads of emails to the One Show and more or less demanding money to his bank account” that you again exaggerate about, is it?

Furthermore, from the “actual and real” conversation with the BBC, their response was:

“Also, just so you’re aware we don’t normally pay contributors (we only make 3 minute films so we have a very small budget) I’m sure we can offer something, but sadly the fee may be nominal.”

To which they got, “If it pays what I pay our for the web hosting and the domain name for the year (£135 for a year), it’s better than nothing” – hardly the big exaggerated financial scam that you are harping on about is it.

Whether the BBC or the One Show want to work with us, is also irrelevant to us, although we’d like to continue to believe they would want to! Yes, they can if they wish approach us again, but I think I speak for all of us, when I say we’re not doing it for nothing! For all we stand for and our aim and purpose, they can alternatively find someone else to use for their three minute documentary – it’s entirely up to them.

Please also let me make you aware that I am personally out of pocket, not gaining through this project at all – not to mention 2-3 months hard work, abuse, death threats, hacking on my servers – facts that obviously show some of you Arrse guys to be green with envy!

With regards your comments on us “making up” Walts and fabricating dating site profiles, could I draw your attention to the 4th Wordpress anti-WMH website offering fabricated “exposing” of myself, within a week. Obviously “some” Arrse members are so obsessed with our outings (now 6 within a month), that they’ll stop at nothing to discredit the Walter Mitty Hunt. So much so, they’ve fabricated images of my details on the Para Data website even claiming to be Pathfinder Platoon. Grow up – we have Pathfinders and plenty of Para’s in the WMH – so you only serve to discredit yourself, and also unfairly the better members of the ARRSE website further.

Why you can’t drop it and leave us in peace I don’t know? That’s why some of your members are now being investigated by the RMP, MoD Police and Civilian Police for offences of harassment, threats of violence, threats to kill, and several Datacomms offences; also carrying maximum terms of 10 years!

All my best,

Tim Wade.

PS: As you think it’s fine to publicly expose lies, fabrication, exaggeration, and peoples names, addresses etc – soon so shall we if it continues


You talk some shit and make up some rubbish. This is fabricated slander and an attempt to deceive people too – Walt.

And as for “massively hypocritical” in the trolling stakes, I’m glad you’ve obviously wasting a great chuck of your sad pillock life in doing it.


You talk some shit and make up some rubbish. This is fabricated slander and an attempt to deceive people too – Walt.

And as for “massively hypocritical” in the trolling stakes, I’m glad you’ve obviously wasting a great chuck of your sad pillock life in doing it.


This is Tim Wade. You are just a very jealous pillock, as unlike you, we’re doing something constructive in outing Walts and changing government and public opinion on Walting.

Get a life – this is fabricated slander in it’s entirety and just makes you look a hypocritical pillock again, as it is only you that is “trolling”.

You have been reported “now again” for stealing and using images without my consent, and for slander in the ongoing Civil/MoD/RMP investigation into the other very jealous ARRSE members.

I will also respond publicly!

You are nothing but a jealous, hypocritical, trolling muppet yourself.

If you seek to slander me, at least do it with real facts, and not fabricated lies!



Ohhh I could crush a grape

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