The tale of the very Small fish with eyes far to big for its little belly.

It just does not get better than this.
The sheriff and his merry men of Internetshire, desperate to uncover members of ARRSE fell for the oldest trick in the book. To think one claims to be an ex spook. PMSL
Over the weekend it became clear the Internet stalkers of the WMH or Walter Mitty Hunt. com, were at it again. Not content with bullying a 90 year old Arnham vet becuse he got a date wrong, sad individuals with mental health problems or inocent kids who play COD on the XBOX 360. WMH decided it was high time to expose their nemesis, ARRSE and the main target that cunning little git of tomfoolery, FOOBOY. First lets consult the “Urban Dictionary” as to what is a Fooboy.
An exceptionally cheap person; someone who is never around when the cheque is ready to be payed.
“That woman is so FooBoy. She’s been all FooBoy all her life. Someone needs to slap that hoe back to last week, she so cheap.”
(noun) God-like.
“Damn, that Buddha guy was so FooBoy.”
Now we got that out of the way, the fun part.
After “YET” another mole in their secret group. Its getting smaller all the time with more leaks then Wales as more members wake up to the fact the Greedy Wizard of Internetshire is the root of the problem. Screen shots were provided of the merry jesters of Internetshire stalking antics of Facebook profiles of suspected ARRSE members, with plans to expose them on their bullying down market web page.
It was decided a cunning plan was needed to be put in place. So a testy morsel of intelligence was put before them in the facebook profile of “Danny Slater” With all sorts of leads to fooboys location, a picture and home address. Even a kind link to his Arrse. By god they took the bait and scoffed the lot.
Had they been the super ninja Walt hunters of Internetshire, that they claim to be. They would have twigged that the profile picture was non other than that well known Walter Mitty and PTSD Worldwide charity charlatan Alec Webster. Outed by ARRSE a few years back
Without fool proofing the evidence, the Twolley Dwolly who had the simple task of monitoring posts on 49 Para’s Facebook page saw a post by Danny. “Oh my god I have him and there is a link to Fooboys ARRSE page and other stuff about an IT company in Stockport”. Gold!!!
Talk about laying the table for the feeder!
With this they went off to the their “secret” hide, skipping and plotting their next move while rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of their big prize.
Enjoy the car crash and let the mocking begin!
Fooboy- The BIG man of ARRSEThis person has continually and vigorously tried to destroy the work of the WMHC site and the work it does on behalf of vets and their family.THE FACTS

His efforts and those of ARRSE include

Death threats and threats to assault



Malicious Communications

Photoshopping and manipulating internet military related information to give the impression that members of the WMHC are fakes

Having published photos on the internet of members families he went on to make very nasty comments on those family members

Posting photos on the internet of the members and their families so putting them at risk.

Contacting media outlets in an effort to discredit us in public and jeopardise our publicity links to help Vets

Setting up websites (3) to discredit our work and which contain harassment and vile pictures and comments

Attempted to ruin the career of one of our members by contacting his place of work and making false allegations

Stating that its members were hoped to be found in a car accident burnt to death on Christmas Day

Systematically and methodically instigated and took part in a campaign by all available means on the internet to inflict disgusting abuse, harassment and distress on the WHMC members and their families.

The list goes on and on and is still continuing each day. Fooboy operated under what he perceived to be a cloak of security and secrecy and has disregarded the warnings that the Police will become involved if his criminal activities do not stop, so far he has chose to ignore this, in fact he makes small talk of this not believing the potential for Police involvement. He does so at his own risk.
Eventually things reached a level where the protection of the members and their families needed to be balanced against the criminal activities of Fooboy and as always people like Fooboy believe they are untouchable, however with these people there is always a weakness in their efforts and this was discovered as he had placed his details in the “Public Domain” and so were free for people to see without stooping to his level and despite his efforts to appear innocent and not involved his identity has been uncovered and as stated is in the public domain as are his aliases of which there are many.
He now claims to be the hurt one in all of this now and that is in light of everything that he has done himself to us and we have not responded to such a like level but absorbed this like a professional organisation would do in the circumstances. What is not understood is why after committing all these offences against the WHMC is now complaining that we are exposing him.

How was he found ?

In finding this person no unethical or illegal methods were used at all like I say he put himself and all his details clearly in the public arena so it came down to inter profiling and general hard work.
What proved to be his downfall was that on his Facebook profile he had a direct members hypertext link which when clicked on took the reader direct to his ARRSE profile under the name of Fooboy. This together with messages to a well know ARRSE antagonist and his location sealed his fate initially. The location used in his threats to us was seen as Manchester and on that profile was shown Stockport. It was at this point that a “leak” on the WMHC began directly asking for information on Fooboy in quite an aggressive way and disputed the little evidence we had collated for the Police a while before, he demanded the “Evidence Trail” and the leak responded by saying he did not believe anything we had about Fooboy, which incidentally was hardly anything at this stage anyway this was refused and so within minutes Fooboy was posting on ARRSE that people should check their pm’s as it was “About to Kick off “ clearly the grass had gone straight back to Fooboy and informed him of what little information he had obtained. The grass was banned immediately and named. Fooboy was never listed under his real name on any linked friends list but his own stupidity and carelessness gave him away. He is good but not that good. No doubt he will refute the allegations that this is him but I have other evidence which at this time is not going to be divulged.
Fooboy claims he is a techie and has a very high opinion of himself in all respects and is a womaniser according to his profile.


Name – Dan Slater

Address – 85. Castle Street Stockport SK3 9AR

Tel – 0161 477 8988

Mobile – 07890 182 319

FB ID – – Sole Trader in IT

Website –

E Mail Address – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Amazingly he is an ex serviceman with 11 years service in the Royal Signals. Single status and is a one man band IT self employed person
All this information is public and easily obtainable for anyone to access so not private info in any way at all as is the case you just need to know where to look.
In writing this project we have only responded to a criminal and have only wanted to get on with our business of protecting our vets but we reached a stage whereby Fooboy was becoming an unacceptable problem and threat to the security and well being of everyone involved in the work of the WMHC and take no pleasure in doing this at all.
We will continue to serve our vets in the way we have always promised despite the actions of others.

Moral of the story!
 lordy lordy Epic big fail again guys. Yes we are laughing at you!
Stop stalking people and stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole!
The WMH investigates
The WMH in court

After the trolls posted their “outing evidence” it was felt a little time was needed before fully letting onto them they had been stung, yet again!
 As you will see from the WMH trolls follow up posts or rather jubilant jeering. They start to go down a strange path of putting together yet more broken links and pictures about our fooboy and his true identity. How they come to this beats me, but its funny reading!

On a serious note.  From all their ramblings about their other “scalps”. A few questions start to spring!
Is this the true extent of their investigative skills? How many others have they have paraded on their “Anti Walt Web site, turned out to be innocent? Have these self styled “Walt Hunters” got it wrong with others?
Their is a pattern forming here where several people have proved the WMHC trolls wrong only to be ignored.

Their jubilant jeering
Why is Fooboy so set about damaging the good work we are doing for vets? Is it because he is a disgruntled ex soldier who hates the army or could he very well be a Walt? One of his buddies screams in public and down everyones throat about being current serving when in actual fact they were discharged in 2008… do we need to expose that person also Fooboy as being in your ‘school bully’ gang or have you had enough?….let’s hope you’ve had enough eh, so we can all get on with exposing walts and supporting our vets.
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Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 13 hours, 24 minutes ago #204

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Of course Fooboy is now in a no win situation brought on by himself as he will deny this is him so makes him responsible for a case of identity theft by his own admission
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Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 12 hours, 50 minutes ago #205

Aaaah, I see, so either way Fooboy really isn’t in a good situation at all to be in and especially neither his associates…. identity theft in order to carry out criminal activities is rather naughty. If I was his mate… I’d be very fast to distance myself from him rapidly. Very sad it’s come to this but at the end of the day, our aim is to expose walts and support our veterans; not to expose Fooboy or his mates… however… it’s Fooboy’s own choice if that happens. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest eh?

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As a follow on it seems Mr Slater has managed to really upset Special Forces by calling them liars in terms of a certain event not the best idea in the world and certainly he shouldnt have said the things he has done without firstly engaging his brain and secondly exercising due diligence. Having said that he is an adult so accountable for his own actions albeit very unwise in this case.

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About 6 weeks ago this person Slater was outed for posing as a Para even tho he was no more than a signals guy so why not be happy with that ? What is more disturbing is that he used the stock photo of Capt Dave Woods 2 Para KIA Goose Green as his father and stating that it was his dad and he missed him. Capt Woods never had a son official enquires reveal and also confirmed with guys from Para Reg. This is what a complete low life he is but this evening we find out that he has set up another FB profile and has put up para reg pics on this very profile, screen shots coming in on this to confirm. All the pics were used when he was outed before and he has still not learnt from his mistake. Of course Para reg sites will be notified as will other interested parties, although it is felt that he is just attempting to waste our time he WILL be outed as a para walt in due course.

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Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 6 hours, 6 minutes ago #211

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Due to his prolific attempts in all this it will be a few days before SLATER is exposed across the entire net via google and will cover his aliases , web sites and latest claims and the write up he has been give so far he WILL be further exposed by the screen shots all to be circulated in the google search engine which we will advise u of in terms of the search details to allow u to view it online.

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2 Responses to The tale of the very Small fish with eyes far to big for its little belly.

  1. peter Sweet says:

    Fuckin good work . What a nob.

  2. His name is not Dan Slater it is Alec Webster, he served in the Scots Guards joining just after me in 1991/92 he seems to now be a compulsive liar and con-artist which is sad as he was a normal guy when he served. He was heavily involved in a charity scam which was highly publicised (before exposure). His roots are from Dundee and far as I am aware he has no skills in IT (I designed a website for him which hosting was never paid for as agreed). The last time I spoke to him he was living in Langley near Slough. He probably deserves to be in prison. I served 6 years and I’m pretty sure he was MD’d before I got out I think he did 4.

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