Reverse,Inverse Psychology, (Criss-Cross)

Further to this never ending story of hilarity. The self styled judges of Internetshire, have pieced together more evidence as to the true identity of the mysterious Fooboy and, like a bent cop trying to pin his unsolved cases onto one lag, are now hilariously fitting more square pegs into round holes in order to rev up the outrage bus and firm up their mastery of investigations to the massess…….Ticket please!

If you look very closely you can see the cracks starting to appear in their investigation skills. “reverse psychology”

The Walt hunters of Internetshire should have done their homework first when it comes to psychology and Identity theft. Or is our Stealthmister Christ Panhandle, ex spy for hire, now just convincing himself and his fellow Walt hunters that it all firms up?

What Constitutes Identity Theft?
Identity theft is the theft of an individual’s details and their subsequence use in order to obtain money or goods by means of deception. An identity thief is an individual who will attempt to pass themselves off as you in the eyes of banking institutions or with companies who can provide money lending facilities or Hire Purchase. Umm what was the aim of this merry jape?

The profile of Danny Slater mysteriously appeared on 49 para page with the message, Check your PMs” to another of the WMH outspoken dissenters.
Only parts of the profile were visible. I E. Address. Name, name of an IT company and some military background (the only true part). What was not displayed was the real company details with real phone numbers to that company.

The Walter Mitty hunt filled all those blanks their self. Had they had the courage to call the numbers they had openly displayed on their sub standard bullying web page, they would have realised their mistake and not made such planks of themselves in public. Which leads us on to the next topic of Panhandles rant

Reverse psychology

1. Know who it works on. Some people just don’t respond to reverse psychology, normally intelligent people but we are talking about the internetshire here. The people who do are mostly the ones who hate being told what to do. Trolls are a classic example! They care more about the power struggle itself than what the struggle is about. Rebellious children are classic examples. Basically, anyone with a sensitive ego that clouds their judgement is susceptible.

Lets brake this part down.
We all know the WMH were desperate to ID FooBoy. He is their nemesis. The ego of the Wizard of internetshire and his sub standard Internet wizard skills had been mocked for months as with the super spy skills of Christ Panhandle. AKA Stealth!
They were chomping at the bit and as the follow up posts to their jubilant chanting can be seen. They took a big old chomp of this fish!

As we have already covered. One of their loyal followers while serving G&T and  bag of salted nuts to seat 10E, was known to be watching all profiles and posts associated with 49 para and the in order to report to his masters.It was very easy and just after one random post, they bit like a gooden!

Which takes us nicely to point 2.

2. Wait until they get worked up. It’s much easier to use reverse psychology when someone is emotional, since you want to trigger an immediate reaction. The more you argue back and forth, the more of a power struggle it becomes, and the more the other person will want to “win

They wanted their prize and wanted it badly and acted as predicted.

To the wizard of Internetshire and all his little imps, a few questions of coincidence to ponder.

1. Why the random post out of the blue on a page you started to screen shot and post on your “secret” FB page.

2. Why was only part of the profile hidden from view. Like mutual?

3. Why after notification was received that more detail was hidden from view?

4. Why not just call the number you linked with the company to verify if a Dan Slater existed before openly and wrongly displaying it as fact on your sub standard bully page?

5. Why only a very small protest, then silence for a few hours?… Well I can answer that one.

It was reverse, Inverse psychology!  By now the wizard of Internetshire in his ego driven frenzy has dispatched links of his “victory” everywhere! But ask yourself this. If Fooboy the swordsman of Internetshire was using only reverse psychology in order to get the “outing” and his personal details taken down. Why was it published here in its entirety on POST 53 of ARRSE?

Yes We are laughing at you……again!


Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 11 hours, 32 minutes ago #216

  • Waltmeister
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Good work guys.Now for “a change” I’m going to use my substandard IT skills to very quickly put his name and address on many other websites in the same manner he did with my personal details alongside some very fabricated allegations.See how he likes his name “at the top of Google”?

I bet he doesn’t, and will soon be crying when his private IT clients are searching Google for his name, location, and business name.

What goes around usually comes back a lot harder!

All my best,

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 11 hours, 19 minutes ago #217

  • Stealth
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Amazing how when blown Fooboy uses reverse psychology to paddle hard out of it and try to shift the focus back to us, so by doing this then he has openly admitted Identity Theft and potentially caused harm to an innocent person, pretty smart I would say
Last Edit: 11 hours, 19 minutes ago by Stealth.

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 10 hours, 20 minutes ago #218

  • SearchMe
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Death threats alone carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years if convicted…

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 10 hours, 20 minutes ago #219

  • smudger746
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I’m currently in Stockport. Want me to have a quick word?

Re: FOOBOY EXPOSURE THREATS 10 hours, 10 minutes ago #220

  • Stealth
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It is now confirmed that Slater is responsible for the DoS attacks, Hacking, IP Scanner attacks and other IT issues his IP is linked to all these attacks and is logged against each issue his IP comes from Virgin who will be contacted tonight. Thank u for all the support and messages.

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2 Responses to Reverse,Inverse Psychology, (Criss-Cross)

  1. Peter Sweet says:

    Dan (Fooboy) Slater just got me permanently banned from the Arrse site an an alleged troll . He has more identities there than I can count . When you argue with him , all his sock puppet aliases come into play and gang up on you . Now I am banned from Arrse (Army Rumour Service ) and cannot defend myself he has published my full name and contact details there . Hope Karma is up and running.

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