Opps Timmys gone and done it again….part 2

A long time ago in an Internet cafe far far way lived the wizard of internetshire, or so he thought. After his last arrse whooping you would have thought Timpkins would have learnt his lesson not play games trying to stir up trouble on other web pages just to get attention, but oh no, not poor Dimmy whimmy. He wanted vengeance on those dam arrse bandits and wanted it bad.


Just to refresh those new to Timmy and his Internet world of buffoonery. Timmy likes to think he is the Alan Sugar of the Internet and the brain child on all things Internetshire and just about everything invented.  Even Stephen Hawkins is “well gell” of Timmy!  385448_388451504555743_341586953_n


Timmy had a privilaged upbringing but cast the shackles of wealth to live his life “in his dreams” like those  80s TV maverick crime fighters of wrong doing, only Dimmy lives in a stinking camper van, hanging around young teenagers, convincing them he is a top semi pro snow board instructor and champion of the Internet.

So where did it all go so wrong for dimmy. Well for starters his career in the Armed Forces as a Medic  was not what he had hoped for . He wanted to be a Para but could not make the grade.  After all, that would require hard work and commitment and he soon found himself on the Jack Waggon after failing P Coy at a very early stage. From then on he became very bitter and twisted and went on a lone crusade to expose anyone who wore a Maroon beret a tad out of shape or anyone who for that matter that he took a dislike too.


Timmy wanted to be number one at something so tried his hand at the title belt and took on the might of ARRSE in an attempt to,in his words “take walt hunting to another level” .

Timmy saw it as David and Goliath. Everyone else more like Pee Wee Herman V Mike Tyson.

Round One

Timmy goes on an ARRSE rampage in a vain attempt to get people joining his merry band of hardman  Internet sprites only to have the wind knocked out his sales after his own Admin mates decide its high time to dump poor Timmy after they discover his Walting ways when a text chat appears of his daring times jumping into war zones and all that.

Then came the self award claim to have been Airborne by submitting his own made up career in the Pathfinder Platoon on the offical Para data. This was checked via Duxford and Timmys IP address next to the data entry was flagged up. Even hints of suggestion on his own photo book. Timmy will cry this is all photoshoped.


Once exposed by his own group Timmy went off on one and sulked for a while.  The piss was ripped and much merry meant was had at Timmy expense. Much to Timmys annoyance. Read the full defeating blow by blow humiliating account here.  https://exposethewaltermittyhuntertrolls.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/more-troll-evidence/l

Round Two

Timmy not to be put off  with such an Internet good hiding,  licked his fragile ego and decided to go it alone. By alone he did have Internet admin which comprised of Timmy, Timo, Deamon Hunter and Yes Tim again, in fact all were Timmy and is alter egos.

Timmy wanted revenge and wanted it bad and could not help trying to have a dig at anyone who did not toe the Timmy line.


Timmy in his pursuit for Internet fame, adulation and making an easy buck started making up fake Walt profiles in order for him to expose such profiles  and present them as genuine Walter mittys on his Facebook page so people would click onto is pay per click web page and gain more members.



There was the few  reported suspects where Wadey boy would just post up a picture up sent in by a member. Wade in a desprate bid to out do what he calls “rival pages”,  would always post the suspects picture up without any checks made and with the heading ” we are not saying he is a Walt but…” Hoping for someone to validate the walting.  Nine times out of ten someone would come forward and claim the suspect as genuine and Timmy would then go out his way to find some fault in the vain hope he could justify posting up the picture in the first place, even to the point of making a claim his suspects.


To Wade it was a competition and very silly and this would only lead to his second Arrse Whooping and follow up piss taking.

Wades attention was soon attracted to copying yet another hunter group, that of Hunting Sex Offenders of under aged kids. After Wade watched news reports and You tube vials Wade decided he could turn his super detective skills do the same and be better than anyone. Even thowing his teddy out of the pram when people did not agree Walts were the same as Sex Offenders. In the world of Timmy If you dont agree with him you become an instant Nonce.

This became a worrying aspect as Wade had got it so wrong on so many occasions in the past with just 16 years olds who just like dressing up shooting eachother in the woods or genuine Veterans who in Timmys opinion did not look the part so must be a Walt.

walt wade fup

Yet another sting was sent up to demonstrate just how gullible and desperate Timmy was. This came in the guise of a four eyed chef from St Omer Bks called Danny Heathermen. Danny was Timmys kind of person, for starters he was not Timmy and he was chatting to him on line saying words like “mega” and “lads” at least four times in each exchange of posts.

timmy mate

Soon Danny offered Timmy a prize Walt with even screen shots of such cumpery behaviour the grand master of Cumpering Tony Cumper, would have been violently sick in his own mouth.

You could not make it up and Timmy sucked it all up like a £ 5 quicky from a back street hooker down on her luck. Without question Timmy posted the outing and even jeering at other pages with the claims “this is how to expose a real Walt. HA HA HA” and so on and so forth.


Next an even better sting were Danny had Timmy fooled he had gone behind enemy lines and infiltrated his old Walt hunting gang offering help as a member of APC Glasgow who wanted to expose Walts for them.

Much hilarity was had as wade plotted with Danny to steel Walt from under their nose and expose the members. For some reason Timmy had a fixation and unhealthy one with an ARRSE member but we will let the screen shots do the talking.  We will add it was spiffing to watch.


Danny made his E & E back to camp Timwhaa with his “stolen walt”  Timmy could not wait, again checked nothing and posted up a full outing even inventing claims himself to beef up the outing.  Again as you can see from the screen shots Timmy could not contain himself and many a whoop whoop from camp Timwhaa was had.

Timmy was very happy  over his victory so he gave his new best chum a field promotion to Page Admin content poster, after Danny said he wanted to help fight the good fight and expose Airsfofters, nonces and fat people.

happy wade

Time to rap this up.

Then one quite night, Double agent Danny made his way into internetshire and…..pissed all over Timmys page and in his dirty mouth.


Much sulks were to follow.



The Moral of the story is. If wade can not properly investigate walter Cumpers without getting it so wrong.  Accuse real vets of being walts and in some cases being sex offenders  just because the way they look or even fabricate to beef up a so called outing then what chance does an innocent individual have who is wrongly or for more sinister reason is accused of somthing much more serious.


Food for thought!

Oh and yes…we are all laughing at you Timmy….. Again!guy-laughing-at-you-thumb1094641


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